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- Sir Winston Churchill

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's Wednesday again, time to participate in Doris's show and tell.
These two tins used to belong to my Oma's sister. When she passed away we all got together and sorted through all of her stuff. She had some of the most wonderful things and I wish we would have been able to keep more. At the time I was very young (around 21) and I only picked a few things. These two tins really appealed to me, I love the shape and color of the larger one and the little one is just cute. To me, anyway... Notice the red dot on the larger tin? That's where you are supposed to open it.
Es ist wieder Mittwoch, d.h. bei Doris ist wieder Dosentag!
Diese beiden Dosen habe ich von der Schwester meiner Oma geerbt. Als sie vor vielen Jahren gestorben ist (ich war damals 21) mussten wir ihr Haus ausraeumen und aussortieren. Sie hatte unwahrscheinlich viele schoene Sachen und jetzt wuenschte ich, dass wir mehr behalten haetten. Diese zwei Dosen hatten mir damals schon gut gefallen, die Form sowie die Farben. Seht ihr den roten Punkt auf der grossen Dose? An der Seite macht man die Dose auf.See the cute swirls on the little tin?
Die kleinen Schnoerkel auf der kleinen Dose finde ich einfach suess.


  1. The larger tin is just lovely! Do you display them?

  2. I have very few nick nacks anymore because I have no place to display them - I used to have lots of pretty tins from the Nuernberger Lebkuchen, but I gave them all away.

    Have a great week, Anke :-)

  3. Oh, Anke...your tins are WONDERFUL! The larger one is exquisite! It is the perfect example of why I love European tins! They are made of a much better quality metal and the designs are always intricate. Even the smaller of your tins has the detail of the swirls in it. American tins just can't compare in craftsmanship. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures with us!

  4. Yes Bev, I do have the tins on display. The larger one sits on my nightstand and is sort of a catchall for tissues, hand lotions and such. The smaller one is on a shelf in the living room along with some other small "treasures".

  5. How special are those???? I love tins too and have a small collection in a cabinet somewhere.
    Thanks for sharing.