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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nadia's party

Today was Nadia's birthday party and all in all it was a fun day. Only a few of the invited friends came, but everybody still had a good time.
This was taken on Nadia's birthday. She's wanted a beadspread for a while and thanks to Oma, she now has one.
Heute war Nadia's Geburtstagsparty und im Grossen und ganzen war es ein schoener Tag. Es kamen zwar nicht alle Maedels die Nadia eingeladen hatte, aber die Freundinnen die hier waren hatten recht viel Spass miteinander.
Dieses Bild wurde an Nadia's Geburtstag gemacht. Sie wollte schoen laenger eine Ueberdecke und nun hat sie eine von Oma bekommen.Everybody waiting for Nadia to make a wish and blow out the candles. The pressure... :-)
Nadia wanted a chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and vanilla/chocolate shakes as her birthday treats.
Alle warten darauf, dass Nadia die Kerzen ausblaest und sich was wuenscht. Sie stand fuerchterlich unter Druck... :-)
Nadia wollte eine Schkoladentorte, Schokoladenplaetzchen und Vanille/Schokoladen shakes an ihrem Geburtstag haben.
Here is the birthday girl opening her gifts. If you are wondering about the bottle on the floor, we play spin the bottle to see who's gift gets opened next.
Hier macht das Geburtstagskind nun Geschenke auf. Falls ihr euch wundert warum eine Flasche auf dem Boden liegt, wir spielen Flaschendrehen um zu sehen welches Geschenk als naechstes geoeffnet wird.
We really wanted to spend most of the day outside, but it was pretty overcast, windy and it rained off and on. The kids decided to play twister instead and they all had a blast.
Wir wollten eigentlich den ganzen Tag draussen verbringen, aber leider war es bewoelkt, windig und hat immer wieder mal geregnet. Zum Glueck wollten alle Kinder twister spielen und hatten eine riesen Gaudi dabei.
Towards the end of the party it finally cleared up some and all the girls wanted to go play soccer in the backyard. The goal was one of Nadia's gifts and she was thrilled they got to use it.
Es hat gegen Ende der Party auch aufgehoert zu regnen und alle Maedels wollten raus zum Fussball spielen. Das Tor war eines von Nadia's Geschenken und sie war gluecklich es einweihen zu koennen.


  1. Oh, how fun, Anke. Looking at these young, happy girls makes me homesick for my daughter and the memories of her being small and having her girlfriends over. What a great time they had and happy belated Birthday from me too ;-)

  2. Looks like Fun!!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Schön, dass ihr so einen schönen Tag hattet. Ganz liebe Grüße und Wünsche gehen heute auch an Nadia, möge ihr neues Lebensjahr so sein, wie sie es sich wünscht.
    Ganz lieben Gruß an euch alle von Petra
    Danke für die wunderschöne Karte. Hab mich sehr, sehr, sehr gefreut darüber. Sie kommt in meine Kartensammlung.

  4. Petra es freut mich, dass die Karte angekommen ist und sie dir gefallen hat. Hatte mich auch sehr ueber deinen Brief gefreut.

  5. It looks as if Nadia's birthday party was a great success. Glad she received the gifts she was wanting! She's even more beautiful with her contacts in! I didn't think that was possible.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Thank you for sharing Nadia's birthday with us.

  6. This looks like a wonderful birthday for her.
    I love the idea of spinning the bottle on the gift opening...I wish I had thought of that years ago!!
    I hope her next year to come is amazing!!

  7. Hello Anke,
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing about the May tree being erected where your mom lives. Once the tree is erected, do they then add ribbons and dance around the maypole? I don't remember ever doing this, but when my mother was in elementary school they had a maypole permanently fixed into the ground outside the school building. For May Day Mother said that they would put the colored ribbons on it and the students were taught how to dance around the maypole.

    Yes, the teachers of our children enjoyed their little cone baskets of flowers on May Day. Our daughter's first grade teacher was so delighted with hers that Heather would make one for her every year that Heather was in elementary school and leave it hanging on her door knob, knock to let the teacher know it was there and when she would come to the door she would find the little cone of flowers.

  8. Dianna, that was so sweet of your daughter to leave flowers for first grade teacher every year. What a great way to brighten someones day!
    The May tree that gets erected is a very tall, yet skinny tree. It is decorated with ribbons, but they don't do a May dance around the Maypole. I'll try and take pictures while we're there...

  9. Thank you for the information, Anke. I just really enjoy learning about traditions from all over the world.

  10. It looks like they had a great time. I like to see the "old" fashion games instead of video stuff all the time. Glad the day brightened up for them to go outside!

  11. happy belated birthday nadia! what fun they had! i am so glad the weather cleared so the girls could enjoy the new goal:) twister! gosh, i remember how much fun that game was!!! hugs