Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, April 9, 2010


Ok, they're not apples actually, but look at our columnar apple trees! They're leafing out and setting blooms! Just looking at that puts a big smile on my face, there are apples in our future!
Ok, es sind noch keine Aepfel aber unsere Apfelbaeume bekommen Blaetter und setzen Blueten! Aepfel aus dem eigenen Garten sind in unserer Zukunft!
Don't even know what these are, but I love yellow flowers. When Greg built this flower bed in 07 he just spread a whole bunch of wildflower seeds in there. Most of them come back every year and we have added a few bulbs this year as well. Can't wait to see if they'll bloom...
Ich weiss gar nicht was das fuer eine Pflanze ist, aber ich liebe gelbe Blumen. Als Greg dieses Beet in 07 gebaut hat, hat er ganz viele Samen fuer eine "Blumenwiese" in dieses Beet gestreut. Ganz viele von den Blumen kommen jedes Jahr wieder und dieses Jahr haben wir noch einige Blumenzwiebeln gesteckt. Kann es gar nicht erwarten, bis die bluehen...
The honeysuckle is starting to bloom, might soon have to trim it a bit.
Das Geissblatt faengt auch an zu bluehen, werde es demnaechst schon ein bissl zurueck schneiden muessen.


  1. The flower sort of looks like what they call a wallflower. My daughter has something similar growing although the color on hers is orange. Did you smell the flower on your apple tree? Isn't it nice to have spring again?! I hope that you have a great weekend, we are going to be busy here too!

  2. So excited for you and your apple trees, Anke! Isn't it so exciting to grow things? I'm really praying that our plum trees aren't damaged by the colder temps this weekend.

    I've seen that yellow flower you posted, but I'm not sure of what its name is. Whatever its name, I know it is bringing some sunshine to your yard!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love honeysuckle! And your apple trees are going to be really lovely in a few years. Apple blossoms are one of my favorite flowers!

  4. Hallo Anke,

    das sieht ja bei deinen Apfelbäumen aus wie bei unseren, die Blätter schieben sich langsam nach vorne und "entfalten" sich. Wir haben zwei alte Bäume, einen Boskoop und eine Goldparmäne.
    Ich hoffe, dass sie in diesem JAhr besser tragen, letztes Jahr hatten wir einen Pilz an beiden Bäumen, ...

    Viele Grüße Elli

  5. wonderful news that the apple trees are doing so well. i have been interested in the columnars for years and glad you are giving them a try:)