Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trying new things

Ever since I started blogging, or more importantly started reading blogs, I've been inspired to try new things. Things I'd heard about, but never thought I would actually try.
Friday evening I decided to try and sprout lentils for the first time - after reading about it on Chickens in the Road. There was really nothing to it, and I can't wait to have my first taste tomorrow.
You add 1/2 cups of dry lentils to a (quart) jar and rinse them a few times. I put cheese cloth over the jar, added a rubber band (you could use a jar band) and rinsed it through the cheese cloth. Once the lentils are rinsed, add enough water to cover them by about an inch. Place them for 12 hours or overnight in a warm dark place. Mine were kept in a kitchen cabinet.
Seitdem ich diesen blog angefangen habe, oder noch wichtiger, angefangen habe andere blogs zu lesen, habe ich sehr viel dazugelernt. Ich finde immer wieder etwas, dass mich interessiert und das ich nachmachen moechte. Manche Sachen haette ich vielleicht so nie ausprobiert...
Am Freitag habe ich zum ersten mal mit Linsensprossen experimentiert und es war wirklich kinderleicht.
Man nimmt eine halbe Tasse trockene Linsen und gibt sie in ein grosses Einmachglas. Nun kommt cheese cloth mit einem Gummiband um die Oeffnung und man waescht die Linsen ein paar mal. Danach die Linsen mit ca 2 cm Wasser bedecken und an einen warmen, dunklen Ort stellen. Ich habe sie einfach in einen Kuechenschrank gestellt - fuer 12 Stunden oder ueber Nacht.The next morning drain the water, rinse lentils and store jar on its side - still in the same warm and dark place. Rinse the lentils once or twice a day, I rinsed mine in the morning and in the evening.
Am naechsten Tag das Wasser abgiessen und ein oder zweimal mit frischem Wasser "waschen". Jetzt wird das Glas auf die Seite gelegt (ist ja kein Wasser mehr drinnen) und in den selben Kuechenschrank getan. Weiterhin ein oder zweimal am Tag waschen, ich hab's immer in der Frueh und am Abend getan.
This is what my lentils looked like this afternoon. You can see they nearly tripled in size and the sprouts are close to an inch long. I will leave them in the cabinet one more night, and starting tomorrow, they will be part of lunch. They will also be kept in the fridge from then on.
So sahen meine Linsensprossen heute aus. Wie man sieht haben sie sich fast verdreifacht und die Sprossen sind zwischen 1-2 cm lang. Ich werde sie noch einmal ueber Nacht im Kuechenschrank lassen, aber morgen werden sie Teil von meinem Mittagessen. Ab morgen werden sie dann auch im Kuehlschrank aufbewahrt.
Last night I finished the socks with Petra's yarn and I love the color! You can't really see the pattern, but it is called "windmills".
Gestern Abend habe ich die Socken aus Petra's Wolle fertig gestrickt. Ich finde die Farben ganz grosse klasse, bin total begeistert davon! Das Muster kann man leider nicht so gut erkennen, es heisst "Windmuehlen".
Once I got home from work (and before the girls got home from school) I made the second batch of goats cheese. I did everything exactly as I did it Saturday, but experimented with the finished cheese a bit. Most of it was salted and seasoned as before, but some of the cheese was put in a jar with olive oil and various herbs and spices. I'll leave it in there for at least one week and then taste test it and see if it's any good.
Als ich heute von der Arbeit nach hause kam (und bevor die Maedels von der Schule da waren), habe ich mich daran gemacht die restliche Ziegenmilch zu Kaese zu verabeiten. Habe alles genauso gemacht wie am Samstag, nur als der Kaese fertig war, habe ich ein bisschen experimentiert. Der Grossteil des Kaeses wurde gesalzen und mit Kraeutern gemischt wie am Samstag. Einen Teil habe ich jedoch mit Oliven Oel und Kraeutern eingelegt. Werde das nun eine Woche im Kuehlschrank stehen lassen und dann mal sehen ob das Experiment gelungen ist oder nicht.


  1. Girl, you are an ADVENTURER!!! I don't know ANYONE who tries as many new things as you do!

    You're just "sprouting" goodness!

    Love the new socks.

    I think you should do a sock give-away - - - I'd sign up 20 times just to try to win them. ;-)

  2. Yes! A sock giveaway! Sounds good, huh? You really do like to try new things and I don't so I'll just watch you!

  3. Congratulations on your lentil sprouts! Hope that you will enjoy this new batch of goat cheese that you are trying with olive oil and herbs. When I was crocheting on my large afghan this evening I was thinking about you and wondering how you were coming along with the socks! Then I came over to the computer and found that you've finished them. They are so pretty. I think the ladies have a good idea there, Anke...a sock give away. ~wink~
    Thanks for your adventurous me the courage to try new things, as well.

  4. Liebe Anke,
    das mit den Linsensprossen muss ich auch mal ausprobieren. Wir essen so gern frische Kresse oder auch Sprossen. Vor kurzem habe ich es mal mit Senfsprossen probiert. Hat aber nicht geklappt.
    Deine Socken sind klasse geworden, der Farbverlauf gefällt mir sehr gut. Ein wenig von dem Muster kann ich auch erkennen. Wenn du mal eine andere Ferse (dein Kommentar bei mir) stricken möchtest, dann klick doch bei mir die Drachenzopfsocken an. Du kommst dann auf Andreas Seite zur Anleitung. Dort ist die Anleitung der Ferse sehr gut beschrieben.
    Hab einen schönen Tag und sei ganz lieb gegrüßt von Petra

  5. You go girl!! Always up to something fantastic!! :)

  6. oh anke! how cool! i am like you, and learning new things from my blog friends all the time! so nice of you to share your new things:) sending you great big herbal and honey hugs:)

  7. Anke, you've been busy, my friend! I'm going to try the lentils soon, too. Be sure to let us know how the cheese with herbs in oil comes out!!

  8. Anke, I just wanted to stop in and thank you for leaving such a heartfelt note to me today. I was sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. I do hope that when you make your next trip back to Germany that you will have a special time with your grandmother. I think of you often. I know that "home" is where the heart is...and that obviously for you is your hubby and girls, but I've also thought how you came to the U.S. and left behind your family. Our daughter lived on foreign soil for 12 years...and that has given me some insight that I would not have had otherwise. Again, thanks for sharing.

  9. Hello, Anke,
    I left an update on my blog about how my dental appointment went today. But I wanted to share something with you...when I checked my blog a little earlier I noticed that someone else had joined as a "follower", so I clicked on the picture and went to their blog. I loved all of the delicious looking recipes on the blog, but it was all in German. The blog name is shippymolkfred and I noticed you were also following that blog. Is this someone you know they also speak/read English that they could enjoy my blog? I was just thinking if they didn't, then perhaps I could start using more pictures in my every day posts.

    Things went well thanks for all of those good thoughts you've been sending my way!

  10. Hi Anke! I love lentils and will make lentil soup during the winter. I add the "goodies" the way my mom does (she learned it from my Oma) with vinegar and sugar in the bowl! Have you done that? How do the lentil sprouts taste?
    I can see the windmill pattern on your socks too. Petra has such fabulous yarn!
    Another question, when you made your newspaper pots how well did they do when you watered your plants?
    I was just reading some comments and saw that your Opa passed away. I am so, so sorry. I know that is very hard for you. Opas are very special (Omas too!). My Oma was always inside cleaning, but Opa, he had the whole outside along with the garden. For a small child that was great!! I'm sure you will always cherish the memories.
    Take Care,