Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This was the pine tree between the vegetable beds - it got cut down today. When building the beds, we didn't take into consideration just how much shade the tree would provide. And not in a good way... The two beds to the left of the tree never got enough sun and things didn't grow as well as in the other beds.
Das war die Kiefer zwischen den Gemuesebeeten - heute wurde sie gefaellt. Als wir damals die Beete gebaut hatten, hatten wir nicht aufgepasst wieviel Schatten dieser Baum spenden wird. Die Sachen in den zwei linken Beeten sind nie so gut gewachsen wie die in den Beeten rechts vom Baum.Also, as you can see in this picture, the tree was leaning towards the house quite a bit. With all the storms and tornadoes in this area we were always worried the tree might crash into the house. Hannah's room to be more exact.
Ausserdem war der Baum schief und wir hatten immer Angst, dass er uns bei einem schweren Sturm (Tornado) ins Haus faellt. Er waere dann genau in Hannah's Zimmer geknallt...
The crew got here this morning bright and early (7:30) and wasted no time getting started. This guy was like a monkey in the tree, never seen anything like it.
Heute frueh um 7:30 sind die Leute dann angerueckt um den Baum zu faellen. Es waren fuenf Maenner und sie haben sofort losgelegt. Der eine im Baum war wie ein Affe, habe so etwas noch nie gesehen.
Most of the branches are already gone... You can also see the three trees in our neighbors yard, she had the one closest to the fence cut down today as well. Since she didn't care what happened to the wood, she was nice enough to give us a 5 foot piece and the rest to some friends of ours for their fire place. I am going to try and grow mushrooms in the 5 foot piece. Always wanted to try that...
Hier sind die meisten Aeste schon weg. Ihr koennt auf dem Bild auch die drei Baeume im Garten unserer Nachbarin sehen, der, der dem Zaun am naehesten stand wurde heute auch gefaellt. Da sie das Holz nicht wollte, hat sie uns ein 1.50 Meter langes Stueck gegeben und den Rest holen spaeter Freunde von uns fuer ihren Kamin ab. Ich will versuchen in dem Holzstueck Pilze zu ziehen, wollte das schon immer probieren.
Here comes the top of the tree...
Jetzt faellt die Spitze...
This is what the yard looks like now, kinda naked... We had them leave the tree stump because we want to place a bird bath on top. Just need to buy one now. :-)
So sieht es jetzt in unserem Garten aus, ein bissl nackig kommt es mir schon vor. Den Baumstumpf haben wir absichtilich gelassen, werden ein Vogelbad darauf stellen. Muss es nur noch kaufen... :-)


  1. Hi Anke, We have quite a few pines around here too. Two super huge ones close to the house that I would like to cut down sometime. My hubby cut three down last weekend, but they were not as big. We also have hardwoods, and I would take those over pines since I believe they are more stable. When you said you were going to try and grow mushrooms, is that in a pine or hardwood tree? I am real curious about this one! You always come up with so many things!!

  2. Ulrike, I did a little research and mushrooms won't grow in pine trees. It has to be a hardwood tree.

  3. I loved your post today, Anke. The pictures are wonderful...loved seeing the different stages of the tree coming down. I so agree with Ulrike about you always coming up with so many interesting things to try!

    I was really late getting a post up about my biopsy results, but since I'm here I'll just go ahead and tell you that everything was fine. The report showed that it was viral, as the oral surgeon suspected...benign! Love that word!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Next week I am hoping to be able to try making the bagels over your recipe. Looking forward to trying something new.

  4. OH, too bad the tree had to come down. What are you going to plant in your raised beds? I wish our yard was more flat. Most of our backyard is on a slope, which creates a bit of a gardening challenge.

  5. dürft ihr solco grosse Bäume fällen einfach, bei uns brauchst eine Genehmigung.Zum Züchten Champignons eignen sich am besten.Liebe fast 20 ° C Grüsse aus Schwabach.Sylvia

  6. Dianna, I'm so glad everything turned out well for you. You must have breathed a sigh of relief when you got the good news. I'm so happy for you!!
    I have to say I'm not very upset about the tree coming down. We still have a lot of pine trees on our property, it would have been worse, had it been a different tree. The beds to the left of the tree are almost done. One has the asparagus planted in it, the other bed holds different herbs, lettuce and I'll still add kohlrabi. The beds to the right still need to be planted. So far there is rhubarb and garlic growing in them.
    Sylvia, da der Baum auf unserem Grundstueck steht, koennen wir damit machen was wir wollen. Schoen, oder? Andere Laender, andere Sitten... Heute und morgen soll es hier auch um die 20 Grad sein, werden es in vollen Zuegen geniessen!

  7. I always thought mushrooms grew in the ground - at least they did where I grew up in Germany, except some of the black fungi types (Totenstuhl) that only my Papa could identify where edible. I love mushrooms!

    Happy gardening :-) I don't do it, but I love fresh fruits and veggies!

    Auf Wiedersehen,
    Doris :-)


  8. Es ist immer sehr schade, wenn so große Bäume gefällt werden müssen. Aber was "muss, das muss".
    Vor einigen Jahren mussten wir auch an unserer Grundstücksgrenze 5 Pappeln fällen. Wir hatten auf einmal so viel Holz, dass wir nicht wussten wohin damit.
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Petra

  9. Sieht richtig hell aus bei den Beeten.Wirst sehen du wirst deine fruede habe in diesem Jahr an deinen Beeten.An den Anblick gewöhnt man sich ganz schnell und dein Gemüse kann richtig