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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden update

We're having fairly typical spring weather right now. One day it's nice and we're outside in short sleeves, the next day it's yucky, rainy and cold. Saturday was a windy, but beautiful day and I took some pictures in the garden. No, UFO's have not landed, these are hotcaps with tomato plants under them. I was going to wait a little longer before planting them, but they got so leggy I decided to take a chance. Should they not make it, there are still plenty more tomato plants in the house.
Im Moment haben wir hier richtiges Fruehlings bzw. April Wetter. Einen Tag ist es sonnig und warm und wir laufen in T-Shirts herum, am naechsten Tag ist es garstig kalt und regnet. Am Samstag war es zwar windig, aber trotzdem richtig schoen draussen. Musste gleich mal ein paar Photos vom Garten machen... Nein, das sind keine UFO's sondern "hotcaps". Sie sind aus einer Art Wachspapier gemacht und sind ueber unsere Tomatenpflanzen gestuelpt. Ich wollte ja eigentlich noch etwas warten, bevor ich die Tomaten in den Garten pflanzen wollte, aber sie wurden recht "lang" und deshalb hab ich's riskiert. Falls sie's nicht ueberleben habe ich noch mehr "Reserve Tomaten" im Haus.Last year we had a serious white fly infestation in the garden and the berry bushes were hit especially hard. I had to cut the raspberry bush way back and wasn't even sure if it survived. But looky here, it has new growth and made it!
Letztes Jahr hatten wir ziemliche Probleme mit "white flies" - kleine weisse Fliegen die den Pflanzen den Saft aussaugen. Die Beerenbuesche waren besonders betroffen und ich musste sie alle ziemlich zurueck schneiden. Der Himbeerbusch war am schlimmsten dran und ich war mir nicht sicher, ob er es auch ueberleben wuerden. Aber schaut her, er lebt noch und faengt an zu treiben.
The blackberry's are greening up nicely, too. One was bought in a nursery, the others were given to us by a friend. They have a huge (wild) blackberry patch next to their house and they dug up a few plants for us.
Die Brombeeren haben es auch ueberlebt und es scheint ihnen gut zu gehen. Eine Pflanze ist aus einer Gaertnerei, die anderen hat uns eine Bekannte geschenkt. Sie haben viele wilde Brombeeren auf ihrem Grundstueck und da haben sie uns einige ausgegraben.
Chives are coming up slowly...
Schnittlauch kommt langsam zum Vorschein...
The hydrangeas are starting to green up as well. We planted those as bare root bushes and they've come a long way.
Die Hortensien zeigen auch langsam, dass sie noch am Leben sind. Wir haben diese Wurzelstoecke for ein paar Jahren gepflanzt und sie sind in relativ kurzer Zeit ganz schoen gewachsen.
I just love the color of the ground cover we planted in the flower bed.
Ich liebe die Farbe dieser Bodendecker, sieht so schoen aus im Fruehling.


  1. Anke, is this your first year of using the hotcaps? I'm just wondering how effective they really are because my husband has talked of trying them, but we weren't really sure they would work. The area where we live has such a short growing season because we have frosts as late as the first part of May. Then at the end of summer, going into fall we can have a bad frost as early as the end of September. I'd be glad to hear how they work for you.

    We have a lot of the periwinkle ground cover on our bank as you have in your flowerbeds. I love that color, too!

  2. Your raised bed garden is looking great! And with all those tomato plants... I am imagining all the spaghetti sauce and salsa that will get made this summer to use them up.
    Those blackberries will take over if you are not careful. :-) My Mom cuts them back all the time, but they just keep spreading everywhere.

  3. Dianna, this is my first year using hotcaps and I'm not sure yet if they'll work. I was a little bit disappointed when I got them in the mail, seems like they are just formed out of waxpaper. Might have to try and see if I can make them myself... So far so good though...
    We had a a huge blackberry bush at our rental house in Germany and yes, it did try to get out of hand. The good thing is we love, love, love blackberries...

  4. Anke, looks like everything's coming along nicely ;-)

  5. Anke,thank you for the information on the hotcaps. It would good if we could find them locally just to see how they look. If you think you can try making your own, I'm thinking maybe we could, too. But we'd need to see them close up to examine them first.

    Also thank you for stopping by today. Receiving the package yesterday did make my day. I'm always overwhelmed by people's kindness and generosity to me.

    Hope your weather is back to being spring again. The sun is shining here, but it is only in the low 40's. I am hoping by afternoon that I'll be able to go out and work at least half an hour in one of my flower beds. :)