Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All in a days work...

This is what was waiting for me yesterday when I got home. Our 10 two year old asparagus crowns! I was so excited, but it was already kind of late so the planting had to wait until today.
Als ich gestern nach hause kam, hat dieses Paeckchen auf mich gewartet. Es sind 10 zweijaehrige Spargelpflanzen, bzw. Wurzeln. Hier in Amerika gibt es den weissen Spargel sehr selten (buhu) und somit habe ich mir eben den gruenen Spargel zugelegt. Haette ihn am liebsten gestern schon gepflanzt, war dann aber doch zu spaet.Right after I got home from work, I went outside, dug the trench and planted the crowns. I hope I did it right, since this is my first try growing asparagus. Since these are two year old crowns, does that mean I might be able to harvest some asparagus this year? Does anybody know? Provided they make it of course...
I didn't take a picture of the finished bed, would have just looked like soil anyway...
Gleich als ich von der Arbeit nach hause kam, habe ich mich in den Garten begeben und das Buddeln angefangen. Ich hoffe ich habe alles richtig gemacht, denn mit Spargel habe ich so gar keine Erfahrung. Da dies schon zweijaehrige Pflanzen sind und man offiziell ab dem dritten Jahr ernten kann, heisst das, dass ich dieses Jahr schon ein bissl Spargel bekommen werde? Weiss das jemand? Das heisst, wenn die Pflanzen alles ueberleben...
Vom fertigen Beet habe ich kein Bild gemacht, waere ja nur ein Bild von einem Haufen Erde gewesen.
While Nadia was doing homework, I was able to put the finishing touches on Hannah's Birthday invitations. I can't believe she'll be 12 at the end of this month... She wants to invite about 10 girls, hang out here, eat cake and ice cream and roast hot dogs over a bonfire in the evening. Lets hope the weather cooperates!
Waehrend Nadia ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht hat, hatte ich Zeit Hannah's Einladungen fertig zu machen. Ich kann es kaum glauben, dass sie Ende des Monats schon 12 Jahre alt wird. Sie moechte so 10 Maedels einladen und nur hier zuhause mit Kuchen, Eis und einem Lagerfeuer fuer hot dogs feiern. Hoffentlich macht das Wetter mit!!
I was also able to work a little on my latest sock project, these will be for my secret pal. She has a thing for socks and I hope she'll like these.
Dies ist mein aktuelles Sockenprojekt, sie sind fuer meinen secret pal auf der Arbeit gedacht. Sie leidet unter einer "Sockensammelleidenschaft" und ich hoffe sie werden ihr gefallen.


  1. Oh will be so happy to have homegrown Asparagus. We planted ours three years ago....and I cannot wait for it to emerge this Spring. Have you ever eaten it raw....right off the stalk? Delicious!!!

  2. Your labor will reward you richly with Asparagus! Oh how I do enjoy it. My husband and I were just talking the other evening about the possibility of planting some this year. He isn't, shall we say fond of it, the way I am so we'll see what happens.

    Hannah's invitations for her birthday party are so pretty. It sounds like a fun but relaxing event she has planned.

    Love the new socks you are working on. The colors are SO pretty. It always amazes me when I use yarn like that how it works itself out in such a pretty pattern. I'm sure your secret pal will enjoy them immensely.

  3. wow! asparagus!!!! the first time i saw martha stewart plant asparagus, i wanted to try it, but haven't yet. i'll be excited to see how they do.

  4. Beverly, I've never had asparagus raw. If mine does well, I'll definitely give it a try. Growing up in Germany we always had the white asparagus, I don't ever remember seeing green asparagus in the store. Took me awhile to try it once we moved here... White asparagus is so much more labor intensive, though.
    Dianna, I'm always surprised how the yarn works itself out, too. Most of the time it doesn't have a picture, so you just buy the colors that appeal to you. All my yarn was given to my by my mom and sister when they came to visit.
    Janean, I saw Martha plant asparagus, too. We've just never had enough garden space to really try it ourselves.

  5. Oh you just make those socks look so easy! I love them! Am I your secret friend?? :-D I've always heard that you have to wait til the third year to harvest asparagus, but with your two year crowns, maybe you can shave a year off? I don't know! As usual, you always have such fun things going on.

  6. oh that is wonderful about the asparagus anke! i do believe you might be able tot harvest some this year. 12 years old... doesn't time fly:) big hug to you and yours

  7. I love asparagus. Are you going to keep them covered up like in Germany so you have white asparagus? I would love to try growing some so if Leslie w/Comfrey cottages says you may get some with 2 year olds I'll have to give it a try. Hubby had some growing when we first met. I am so glad he likes gardening too!
    Those socks look really pretty. By the way, I read you were planning on going to Germany. I would love to make it back over there this year, but it is a wait and see thing for now. 12 years, my, I remember when mine was 12, the years do fly by fast!

  8. Ulrike, we won't cover ours up. I've grown to really like the green asparagus and I'm hoping the plants will do well for us. Yes, we are going back to Germany for a visit this year. Last time we went was in '07, so we're all really excited.