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- Sir Winston Churchill

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Snow day, again

Last night the roads turned icy once again and as a precaution, schools were canceled AGAIN! This is our third snow day, which means the girls will have to make up three days - unless we get more snow of course.
Hannah and Nadia decided to sleep in one bed last night and this morning enjoyed sleeping in. They got up for breakfast, but crawled back into bed for a little longer afterward.
Gestern abend sind unsere Strassen wieder total vereist, und deshalb wurden fuer heute die Schulen mal wieder gleich geschlossen. Das war nun unser dritter "Schneetag", d.h. Hannah und Nadia muessen nun vor Jahresende diese drei Tage wieder aufholen. Wenn wir nicht noch mehr Schneetage haben...
Die Damen hatten beschlossen in einem Bett zu schlafen und heute frueh sind sie dann auch laenger liegengeblieben. Zum Fruehstueck kamen sie kurz raus, sind danach aber gleich wieder ins Bett.In the morning they had fun playing with their guinea pigs and even went outside with the dogs for a while. That didn't last too long, it was in the 20's and they came back inside pretty quick.
Den Vormittag haben sie damit verbracht mit ihren Schweinen zu spielen und raus sind sie mit den Hunden auch fuer eine Weile. Waren aber nicht lange draussen, da es bei ca Minus 5 Grad nicht gerade angenehm war.

We had a delicious lunch together and then Hannah's and Nadia's friends came over to hang out.
Wir haben gemuetlich (und lecker) zu Mittag gegessen, und dann standen auch schon ihre Freundinnen vor der Tuere.
Which gave me some time to read (look, the book I bought online was signed by the author!)
Die Zeit habe ich dann fuer mich genutzt und gelesen ( das Buch, dass ich online gekauft hatte ist vom Author unterschrieben!)
and knit. All in all a nice and quiet day spent at home.
und gestrickt. Alles in allem war es ein ruhiger und gemuetlicher Tag.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Your girls are precious....and so are their guinea pigs!!

  2. It sounds as if you and the girls had a relaxing day today! Sorry to hear that they are having school cancellations as a result of the weather. The same is true here, though. There are 55 counties in WV, and when we first heard the school closings on the radio this morning 50 of the 55 counties schools were closed. Within 20 minutes there was only one county that was still having school today. This is an unreal winter...even for here. We are expecting another foot or two over the next couple of days. At this point, we may as well laugh about it...we weren't supposed to get any of the snow from this storm! :) I was admiring your yarn...such pretty colors. Are you knitting another pair of socks? You do such beautiful work, Anke. I've started crocheting another baby afghan. I have a new pattern picked out for a afghan for our living room, but I need to be able to get to town to buy the yarn first. This weather would have been the ideal time to have worked on it. Hope everyone stays safe on the roads there where you are.

  3. The pictures of your girls with the guinea pigs are so cute!! We had one when we were kids. They are such sweet pets.

  4. Both girls love their "pigs" very much. Hannah's pig Fred is the nicer of the two. Nadia's pig Pepper pretty much bites everybody, except her.
    Dianna, the yarn was a gift from Petra (Strickfee Pe) and part of the giveaway I was lucky enough to win. It is from Germany and she sent it to me along with some beautiful things she had knitted. You should check out her blog and look at some of the gorgeous things she's made! And yes, I'm knitting socks again... :-)

  5. Hallo Anke, na so ein entspannter Nachmittag ist schon was feines. Wie meinst du das ,das das die Mädels diese Schneetage wieder reinholen müssen?? Auch entspannte Grüsse aus
    Liebe Grüsse

  6. I had to come back and tell you that I did go to Strickfee Pee's blog. I didn't understand the German, but I most certainly did enjoy viewing all of the beautiful things she has made! Oh my! Thanks for mentioning her to me. I'd love to add her to my blog list just so other people could view her work!