Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick child and bad weather

Nadia started complaining about a headache yesterday. It didn't really seem too bad and after she took something for it, seemed to be better. She got out the marble run and played with that for a while,
Gestern Mittag fing Nadia an ueber Kopfschmerzen zu klagen. Es kam uns nicht allzu schlimm vor und wurde auch besser, nachdem sie etwas dagegen genommen hatte. Sie hat die Murmelbahn herausgezogen und eine Weile damit gespielt,

and then we made Valentine's for her classmates.
und danach haben wir Valentine's fuer ihre Klassenkameraden gebastelt.
She did a good job, don't you think?
Hat sie doch gut gemacht, oder?
Last night is when Nadia started to feel worse. She wound up throwing up and with a temperature of 102. So first thing this morning I called and made an appointment for her. (We've been around kids with strep.)
Then this happened:
Mitten in der Nacht ging es Nadia dann richtig schlecht. Sie musste sich uebergeben und hatte hohes Fieber. Heute frueh habe ich dann sofort einen Arzttermin ausgemacht, leider ist dann aber das passiert:

The roads are icy, some are closed, schools are shutting down... In other words, I had to cancel the appointment for her. Guess we'll just stay home for the day and wait for the weather to get better. Got another appointment for tomorrow, hope we can make that one...
Die Strassen sind teilweise total vereist oder geschlossen und auch Schulen machen schon wieder dicht. In anderen Worten, ich musste den Termin absagen. Jetzt bleiben wir halt zuhause und hoffen darauf, dass das Wetter besser wird. Wir haben einen neuen Termin fuer morgen frueh, hoffentlich koennen wir den wahrnehmen.


  1. So sorry she is sick. It is always so hard for me when my little ones don't feel good.

    I cannot believe all that snow!

  2. Sorry to hear about Nadia been sick. Hope she will be feeling better soon. Please tell her that I really like the Valentine's she made for her classmates. It seems that everyone is getting snow this year...whether they've ever had it before or not. We had one and a half feet here Friday-Saturday. There is another storm front moving through starting late tonight which is supposed to dump another foot of snow on us. :) My husband works in research at WVU and WVU is actually closed today. Will be thinking of you and Nadia today as she rests.

  3. Checking in to see how Nadia is doing today. Hope your weather has cleared up so you can take her to the doctor today. Prayers are with you guys.

  4. Thank you guys for your concern. I wound up taking Nadia to the doctor yesterday in the afternoon. She has strep, tonsillitis and an ear infection in her left ear! She's on antibiotics now and hopefully she'll feel a lot better today. Yesterday was a really bad day for her. Makes you feel so helpless when your little one is hurting...

  5. She surely is a sick little girl! Hope she gets to doing better soon. It has been a long time since our two were that age, but I still remember how helpless it makes a mom feel.

  6. Hoffe der Nadja geht es wieder einigermassen aber Antibiotika hilft ja da sehr gut und schnell.Aber das mit Eurem Wetter und Schulen schliessen das interessiert hier niemanden,das weisst du ja sicherlich noch. Aber was ist wenn man berufstätig ist?? Was macht Greg dann? Und was ist wenn bei uch jemand ernsthaft krank ist, gibt dann schon einen Notfalldienst (ausser der Krankenwagen)??
    Also gute Besserung für Nadja
    Du, bist noch fit??
    Liebe eiskalte -4Grad aus Schwabach

  7. Hi Sylvia,
    Nadia fuehlt sich heute ein bissl besser, mal sehen ob sie morgen wieder in die Schule kann. Ja, das mit den Schulen ist hier so ein Ding - unsere wurden gestern jedoch nicht geschlossen. Greg geht bei so einem Wetter trotzdem auf die Arbeit. Seine Firma richtet sich nach der Kaserne, wenn die zu machen, macht auch die Firma dicht. Krankenwaegen usw. wuerden natuerlich trotzdem fahren, langsamer halt. :-)

  8. I hope Nadia feels better! Those pictures look like what I see out my window right now. We are getting slammed with yet another snowstorm. Thank goodness for a full reason to leave home!!!

  9. You got snow again? Well, I hope Nadia is feeling much better today, and that you were able to get out and take her to the doctor. Lots of viruses going around these days. I'm sure Nadia would rather be playing outside in the snow!!

  10. Anke,
    I wanted to stop by and see how Nadia is doing today. Hope the antibiotics have kicked in by now and that she is feeling much better.

    Thanks for stopping by the last couple of days. Your notes you leave for me are always encouragement for my heart.

  11. Liebe Anke,
    diese Murmelbahn gehörte früher zu den Lieblingsspielzeugen unserer Kinder. Ich hoffe, deiner Tochter geht es schon wieder besser.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Petra