Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mail, again...

I love finding goodies in our mail box! No bills in there today, just pretty things...
I had won a giveaway over at Leslie's a little while back and it arrived here today. Look at the cute beehive ornament... and the salve smells wonderful. I believe it is supposed to be calming - which means I might be using it a lot. :-) Thank you so very much Leslie, I love everything!
Ich liebe Tage an denen keine Rechnungen, sondern nur schoene Sachen im Briefkasten sind. Hatte heute Glueck und es war wieder so einer... Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich bei Leslie einen giveaway gewonnen und die Sachen kamen heute hier an. Ist das Ornament (Bienenwachs) nicht lieb? Und die Salbe riecht sehr gut und soll beruhigend wirken. Werde sie wohl sehr bald aufgebraucht haben. :-) Vielen herzlichen Dank Leslie, ich habe mich riesig ueber alles gefreut!Ordered these books last weekend and they already arrived. Heard a lot of good things about 'Coop' and the Ann Rice books were a must have for me. I fell in love with her books probably 15 years ago and can never resist a new one. Now I just have to finish 'Cold Mountain' and then I get to start one of these...
Diese Buecher hatte ich vergangenes Wochenende bestellt und heute waren sie schon hier. Ueber das Buch 'Coop' habe ich nur gute Sachen gehoert, und die neuen Ann Rice Buecher waren fuer mich fast Pflicht. Ich habe vor ca. 15 Jahren ihr erstes Buch gelesen und bin seitdem ein Fan von ihr. Jetzt muss ich nur das Buch 'Cold Mountain' fertig lesen und dann kann ich ein neues anfangen...


  1. Hubby loves the Anne Rice vampire books - - -

    I've never read any of her stuff, not a fan of vampires myself. However, the COVERS/Titles of these new books look like they are MORE than just vampire stuff. Let us know how you like them.

  2. Keetha, Ann Rice wrote a lot of other books besides the Vampire chronicles. The book "Called out of darkness" is actally about her finding her way back to her catholic roots and faith. Should be an interesting read...

  3. so happy the package arrived safely anke and so very sorry there was a delay in mailing it! i don't know if i think the white sage salve smells so good myself, but i do find it very grounding for those frazzled times if i put some on my pulse point:) the coop is an interesting title! i will go look it up! herbal and honey hugs

  4. Leslie, thanks again for everything! The salve smells very earthy to me and I really like that a lot.