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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gardening and goats cheese

Early this morning Greg and I went to our local feed store (I LOVE that place) and picked up a truckload of manure/compost. When we first moved here, we actually bought the stuff by the bagful at Lowe's because we didn't know we could get it locally and much cheaper. Live and learn I guess...
Once we got home Greg unloaded the truck and I spread out the manure in the vegetable beds.
Ganz frueh am Morgen sind Greg und ich zu unserem feed store (haben alles was der Hobbygaertner oder Bauer brauchen koennte) gefahren und haben den Truck mit Compost vollgeladen. Als wir hier "neu" waren haben wir es immer tuetenweise im Baumarkt gekauft, da wir nicht wussten, dass wir es vor Ort und billiger im feed store bekommen konnten. Man lernt immer wieder was dazu...
Als wir zuhause ankamen hat Greg den Truck entladen und ich habe den Compost in den Beeten verteilt.We were able to top dress 4 large beds and 3 small beds.
Es war genug Compost um es auf 4 grossen und 3 kleinen Beeten zu verteilen.
As well as almost fill the 2 new beds more than halfway up. We'll have to go back next weekend (if the weather is nice) and get another truckload to finish all the other beds. You can see it was even nice enough to hang our laundry out to dry...
Ausserdem konnten wir die 2 neuen Beete halb voll fuellen. Wenn das Wetter naechstes Wochenende passt, holen wir noch eine Ladung um die restlichen Beete fertig zu machen. Wie ihr sehen koennt, war es heute sogar schoen genug um die Waesche draussen aufzuhaengen.
After we had lunch we went and bought some raw goats milk so I could try and make cheese for the first time. I had a very hard time finding a place that would sell raw goats milk, we had to drive 40 minutes to the only place I was able to locate.
Making the cheese is very, very easy.
Heat one gallon of raw goats milk to 185 F, stirring frequently. Add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and stir briefly.
Nach dem Mittagessen sind wir dann losgefahren um frische Ziegenmilch zu kaufen, da ich Ziegenkaese machen wollte. Es war ganz schoen schwer frische Ziegenmilch zu finden, wir mussten 40 Minuten fahren um sie zu bekommen.
Ziegenkaese zu machen ist total einfach:
Man erwaermt die Ziegenmilch auf 185 F, und ruehrt sie dabei oefters um. Dann fuegt man 1/4 Tasse Apfelessig hinzu, ruehrt es kurz um und laesst es dann fuer 10 Minuten ruhen.
Let sit for 10 minutes until curds form.
Nach 10 Minuten sieht das ganze dann so aus...
Strain milk and cheese through a cheese cloth lined sieve. The bowl on the left is the whey that drained out, there is more in the bowl under the sieve. There was a lot of whey and I will try and freeze some for later use.
Ein Sieb mit "cheese cloth" (ein sehr grobes Material) auslegen und den Kaese abtropfen lassen. Die Schuessel auf der linken Seite hat einen Teil der abgetropften Molke, es ist noch mehr in der Schuessel unter dem Sieb. Einen Teil der Molke werde ich einfrieren, den anderen Teil bewahre ich im Kuehlschrank auf und benutze es zum Brotbacken.
Once it resembles cheese, add salt and herbs to your liking. It made quite a bit of cheese and we would not have been able to buy this much for the amount we payed for the milk. There is still another gallon of goats milk in the fridge, so I'll probably make another batch in a day or two.
Wenn es wirklich wie Kaese aussieht kann man Salz und Kraeuter nach Geschmack beifuegen. Die Gallone Milch hat sehr viel Kaese ergeben, wir haetten es fuer diesen Preis nicht im Laden kaufen koennen. Im Kuehlschrank steht noch eine Gallone Ziegenmilch, werde in ein oder zwei Tagen noch einmal Kaese daraus machen.
While we were out today we also bought our first grass fed beef. We bought a few things and these steaks will be our lunch tomorrow. Can't wait to see how they'll taste...
Waehrend wir heute unterwegs waren, haben wir unser erstes "organisches" Fleisch gekauft. Wir haben ein paar verschieden Sachen gekauft, diese Steaks gibt es morgen zum Mittagessen. Bin gespannt wie sie schmecken...


  1. How did the goats cheese taste? I have had some from stores, and they were a little strong. I didn't mind it though since with herbs it was actually pretty good. I should have a truck load delivered here or borrow the neighbor since he has a truck! There is so much work to be done outside, if only the weather would cooperate!! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to hang clothes out on the line! I love it!
    Hope the weather keeps warming up for us!!
    Take Care!

  2. My sister makes cheese too. I like your raised garden beds! I would like to do that here at my house, but so much of my back yard is on some sort of slope, so even building the wooden frame for the beds would be complicated.

  3. Wow! That does sound easy and I DO love feta cheese, which is I believe goat milk cheese.

    BTW - - - my hubby's name is Greg too, though on my blog I refer to him as Fisherhubby because of his FIRST love.

  4. Ulrike the cheese tasted really good, and I'm pretty happy with the first batch. I love any kind of cheese (even the strong and somewhat smelly)and hope to be able to make more in the future. Yes, we are ready for warmer weather here, too.
    We built the raised beds because the soil here is horrible. It's red Alabama clay and hard as a rock.
    Keetha, you should try making the cheese, sooo easy.

  5. My heart longs for the warm spring days when we can start refilling our raised vegetable beds and my flower beds with rich soil from our compost bins as well as manure. For now, though, I settle for thinking about how pretty my pink tulip bulbs I planted last fall are going to look when it finally quits snowing around here. :)

    Your cheese looks really good, Anke. You make it look so easy to do. Once the cheese is drained of the whey, do you just put it in a covered bowl to refrigerate? I love goat cheese and there are a couple of people that raise goats in our area, but I'm not sure I could get them to sell me the raw milk because of health board standards. My mother-in-law had a Jersey cow that gave the most wonderfully rich milk, and she had folks (that she didn't know) who wanted to buy her milk, but Mom couldn't sell it because of the health board standards in place here. She could give it away, but she couldn't sell it.
    So that is probably one "recipe" of yours that I won't get to try. :(

  6. Dianna, it really was very easy to make. Once the cheese was done, I put it into a glass bowl that has a tight fitting lid. You can buy raw goats milk for your pet, what you actually do with it...
    I'm hoping for another nice day today so I can work the manure/compost into the soil. Hope spring is on the way in your area as well.

  7. Anke, I know you must be talking about that great German stinky kasse! Once you get past the smell the taste of it is wonderful!! I don't know of anyone around here that sells goat milk, but I guess I could check the farmers market bulletin. Do you subscribe to one in your area?
    So you have that "famous" dirt too! Don't you just love it! Not!!! Let's hope March is warmer so we can dig in the dirt!

  8. i love goat cheese anke! very lucky to have a friend i can get the raw milk from too:) you make it just like i do mine also:) love love love it!! hugs