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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Challah, take two...

I am determined to bake a beautiful and tasty challah loaf. The other recipe I tried was very good, but I wanted to try this sourdough challah next. Originally the entire recipe is made by hand, I however (being lazy like that) made the dough in the bread machine.
This recipe has a large braid on the bottom and a smaller on the top, here it is after being braided, before rising.
Zur Zeit bilde ich mir ein, dass ich ein gut aussehendes sowie leckeres Challah Brot backen "muss". Mein erster Versuch war gut, aber nun wollte ich ein Sauerteig Challah Brot backen. Normalerweise wird alles von Hand gemacht, aber faul wie ich bin, habe ich den Teig in der Brotbackmaschine gemacht. Dieses Challah hat einen dicken Zopf, sowie einen duennen oben drauf.. So sah es vor dem Aufgehen aus,This is the bread after baking, as with the last one, the braids are barely visible. Don't know what I'm doing wrong here, I'll just have to keep tinkering with it. The bread does taste very good, maybe I'll actually try this recipe without my bread machine next time.
und so nach dem Backen. Wie auch bei meinem letzten Versuch sieht man die Zoepfe nach dem Backen nicht mehr. Ich weiss nicht was ich falsch gemacht habe, aber ich werde solange daran werkeln, bis es mir gelingt. Schmecken tut das Brot sehr gut, muss es das naechste mal vielleicht doch ganz von Hand probieren.
While watching a movie yesterday I was able to finish these socks for myself. Already got the next ones started... Don't know if you can see the bruise on my left leg, right above the sock. That is what happens when you try to get up quick in the middle of the night (Nadia coming down the hall, crying "I'm going to throw up") and Savvy trying to beat you to the punch. She has a VERY hard head!
Waehrend wir gestern miteinander einen Film geschaut haben, habe ich diese Socken fertig gestrickt. Die naechsten (mit Petra's Wolle!) habe ich schon angefangen. Ich weiss nicht, ob ihr den blauen Fleck an meinem linken Bein sehen koennt, den hat mir Savvy verpasst! Ist in der Nacht als Nadia krank wurde passiert. Sie war weinend ("Ich muss brechen") auf dem Weg in unser Schlafzimmer und ich wollte schnell aus dem Bett und zu ihr. Savvy wollte mit mir gehen (und schneller sein als ich) und so ist sie mit ihrem Kopf gegen mein Bein geknallt. Harter Schaedel!!
Oh and this is what we woke up to this morning, it's snowing again...
So sah es diesen Morgen aus als wir aufgewacht sind, es schneit schon wieder.
Sourdough Challah
1 cup active starter
1/2 cup water
3 2/3 cup bread flour
2 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 egg plus 2 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1 egg for egg wash, poppy or sesame seeds
Mix the starter, water, eggs and yolks, sugar, oil, half the flour and the salt. Stir and add more flour, a bit at a time until the dough is too thick to stir.
Pour dough on lightly floured surface, knead and add more flour sparingly until dough is smooth, satiny and has lost most of its stickiness and is fairly firm. You should probably not use all the flour called for above.
Cover and let rise until tripled in volume.
Punch down dough, knead briefly, cut into four pieces of the same weight. Divide one piece into three pieces of the same weight. Now make three thick and three thin strands. Braid the three thick strands, and lay the braid made from the three thin strands on top. You might want to wet the thick braid slightly with water to adhere the smaller braid.
Beat remaining egg with a few tbs of water and brush this egg wash over the loaf, let rest until doubled. Brush with egg wash one more time and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to one hour.


  1. Schöne Socken und auch noch in blau,apropopos blau???? wie geht es Savvy`s Kopf?? Wir haben
    nun eine Woche Faschingsferien.Annkathrin war heute fleissig an knipsen um Euch bald winterbilder unsrer Schneemassen zuschicken.
    Bis bald

  2. Your braids on the challah are SO pretty. I wish I could help with the reason for the braids disappearing upon baking...but that is something I've never tried. I do admire you, Anke, for not being determined to try again.

    Your socks are beautiful! My goodness...what a talent you have there. How many years have you been knitting?

    We had a little more snow this morning, but it has tapered off for right now. BUT never fear...we are to be hit with another storm starting late tomorrow. :)

  3. Sylvia, Savvy's Kopf ist in Ordnung. Der blaue Fleck kommt auf dem Bild gar nicht so schlimm rueber. Muss vielleicht noch ein Bild von machen... Wir haben morgen Feiertag, Ferien gibt's bei uns erst wieder im Maerz.

    Dianna, thanks for your nice comments. I've been knitting since 7th grade, where it was mandatory in home ec. At first I hated it, but I really think it was the teacher. After my first sweater, I was hooked.

  4. Oh I LOVE that you showed us your Challah.

    I went through a phase where I read every single Chaim Potok book I could get my hands on, and I always wondered about the things he talked about that I didn't know - - - Challah was ONE of them. I mean, obviously I figured out it was a bread of some sort - - - but this makes it all much more real!!!

    Also - - - I'm STILL in great home-knited sock envy over here every time you SHOW your newly knitted ones.

    Do they stay up on your leg nicely, or do they want to slide down and bunch up at the ankles?

  5. Keetha, I've never had any problems with the socks sliding down and bunching. They are not tight however, guess they're "just right".

  6. Lecker sieht dein Brot aus. Ich bin auch ein wenig ein Perfektionist und probiere alles so lange aus, bis es mir gelingt.
    Die Socken sehen klasse aus. Das Bündchen hat ein schönes Muster.
    Hab eine schöne Woche und sei lieb gegrüßt, Petra