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- Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A busy, busy Saturday

Yesterday I decided to try my hands at a challah loaf. There are many, many recipes to be found online, but I chose a breadmachine challah for my first try. The whole thing was supposed to be done in the machine, but I only made the dough, and then braided the loaf. As you can see, the challah got a little too dark, next time I will have to turn the temperature down some and maybe take it out a little earlier. The dough was also a little too sticky and you can't really see the braid anymore. Everybody tasted the bread after it was done and everybody really liked it.
Gestern habe ich zum ersten Mal versucht ein Challah Brot zu backen. Das Rezept habe ich online gefunden und es sollte eigentlich komplett in der Brotbackmaschine gemacht werden. Ich habe nur den Teig in der Maschine gemacht und dann den Rest von Hand. Der Teig war ein bissl klebrig, so sieht man leider fast nicht mehr, dass das Brot geflochten ist. Die Temperatur sowie die Zeit muss ich das naechste Mal auch etwas abaendern, wie man sieht ist das Brot etwas zu dunkel geworden. Vom Geschmack her ist es toll, hat allen geschmeckt.The (pickling) cucumber seedlings were getting too big, so I needed to transplant them. While I was at it, I also transplanted all the tomato seedlings. There were up to 4 in a (newspaper) pot, and now there's only one per pot. Hopefully I'll have plenty of seedlings to share with friends...
Meine (Einlege) Gurkenpflaenzchen sind recht gewachsen und mussten umgepflanzt werden. Nachdem ich schon dabei war, habe ich die Tomaten auch gleich alle umgepflanzt. Es waren bis zu 4 Pflaenzchen in jedem (Zeitungs) Topf und jetzt hat jedes Pflaenzchen seinen eigenen. Wenn alles klappt, habe ich im Fruehjahr genug um einige zu verschenken...
Another first for me, making my own yogurt. The whole process is very easy and I'm pretty happy with the end result. It seems a bit runnier than store bought yogurt, but once I add some fruit it'll be fine. Some of it will also be turned into quark, which will of course thicken it up quite a bit.
Habe gestern zum ersten Mal unseren eigenen Yoghurt gemacht. Das Ganze war superleicht und ich bin mit dem Endresultat recht zufrieden. Der Yoghurt ist ein bissschen fluessiger als der gekaufte, aber wenn ich dann mal Obst reingetan habe, ist es bestimmt ok. Ausserdem will ich einen Teil zu Quark machen, dann wird's ehe dicker.
Both girls were due to test for their next level black belt at Taekwondo yesterday. All of us are always very nervous, but Hannah and Nadia did great and passed. Here is Hannah presenting her 'form'.
Beide Maedels mussten gestern fuer ihren naechsten schwarzen Guertel in Taekwondo testen. Wir sind alle im furchtbar aufgeregt, aber beide haben es gut gemacht und bestanden. Hier zeigt Hannah ihre 'Form'.
Nadia after breaking one board with a 'hammer fist' and getting ready to break the second board with a kick.
Nadia nachdem sie ein Brett mit einer 'Hammerfaust" gebrochen hat und bevor sie das naechste mit einem Kick bricht.

3/4 cups milk
2 eggs
3 tbs butter
3 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast
1 beaten egg for glaze
poppy seeds to sprinkle on top
The entire recipe can be made in the breadmaker if you wish. I put all the ingredients in mine and used the dough setting. Take dough out, knead a little more, then cut into thirds. Braid the loaf and let rise another hour. Brush with egg glaze, sprinkle with poppy seeds. Other challah recipes I found online said "bake for 40 minutes at 375", so that's what I did. My oven was not preheated since I use a pizza stone. I also had a bowl of water in the oven - I always do that when baking bread. Again, my loaf got too dark and the temperature and time need to be adjusted somewhat.

Turn crockpot on low, add 8 cups whole milk, cook for 2 1/2 hours.
Turn crockpot off and let sit for 3 hours.
Scoop out 2 cups of milk and whisk in 1/2 cup yogurt. Not fat free! Mine was Stonyfield organic yogurt.
Add milk-yogurt mixture back to crockpot, stir in gently. Now wrap the crockpot into a towel and let sit at least 8 hours. Mine sat overnight.


  1. congratulations nadia and hannah! that is wonderful news on their black belts:)
    yum challah bread:) and homemade yogurt:) your recipe is just a bit different than mine :)
    oh i miss living in the south and being able to start and transplant seeds this time of year! we are still cold and snowy here anke.
    your newspaper pots really worked well didn't they? very good picture of all your seedling:) thank you for sharing:) sending you herbal and honey hugs

  2. All of your activities yesterday made for a full day. I especially enjoyed the transplanting of the seedlings! I miss being able to do that. We just don't have any really good windows to do that in this house.

    Congratulations to Nadia and Hannah! Great pictures.

  3. Leslie, how do you make your yogurt? Care to share the recipe? The newspaper pots work very well, it's my second year working with them and I'm very happy with them. Can't wait until it's warm enough to transplant the plants outside.

  4. Leckere Sachen hast du da wieder gezaubert. Glückwünsche an deine Töchter für die bestandene Prüfung.
    Hab eine schöne Woche und sei lieb gegrüßt, Petra

  5. Anke,
    I wanted to tell you that I made the leek-noodle casserole again for dinner today. The leeks had come three in a bundle when I bought them, so since I still had to left I decided to omit the beef today and double up on the leeks. WOW! I have to say that this is our personal preference. My husband REALLY enjoyed them this week. Thanks again for sharing that recipe.

  6. Dianna, I'm so glad you liked it and made it even better.

  7. The girls did a good job! The bread looks yummy, and would go fast around here! I just mentioned to my aunt last night at a tupperware party that I remembered how she used to make homemade yougurt, and then I saw where you had made some!
    I haven't even started with my seedlings yet. I need to get busy since we will be outside working before you know it!

  8. Hi Anke,
    I am new to gardening and was interested in how to make newspaper pots. I have never heard of them.
    Thank you for your help!

  9. Quin, I posted about making the newspaper pots before. Just check under my old garden posts and you'll find it there. If you need more help let me know, I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for stopping by!