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- Sir Winston Churchill

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Ice Baby...

We were hit with a "freak" ice storm today, something I don't ever remember happening here before. We had rain, sleet and maybe 1/2 inch of snow in the forecast, but at 10:15 they started closing schools and we tried to get our kids (at MDO) home as well. It got nasty very fast and by the time I left to go home, the windows on the van were frozen solid.
Right now everything is covered in a layer of ice and it can only get worse over night when the temps drop some more.
This pine tree looks like it's just wet. Wish it was, it's a layer of ice.
Fuer heute war eigentlich Regen, Graupelregen oder ein bisschen Schnee angesagt. Nicht allzu schlimm, oder? Gegen 10:15 haben dann die Schulen zugemacht, da das Wetter (fuer hier) sehr schlimm wurde. Wir haben unsere Kinder (im Hort/Kiga) abholen lassen, und bis ich von der Arbeit weg kam, waren meine Van Fenster solide zugefroren.
Im Moment ist alles unter einer Eisschicht und es kann ueber Nacht (wenn es noch kaelter wird) eigentlich nur noch schlimmer werden.
Dieser Kiefernast sieht nass aus, es ist aber leider Eis.Here's a closeup...
Hier sieht man es genauer...
No sun (except this one) to be seen.
Ausser dieser Sonne ist weit und breit keine zu sehen.
Our patio torches are all wearing a skirt made of ice.
Unsere Gartenfackeln tragen ein Roeckchen aus Eis.
The poor butterfly bushes are almost touching the ground. Hope none of them get damaged too bad.
Meine armen Schmetterlingsbuesche beruehren unter dem ganzen Gewicht fast das Gras. Hoffe sie gehen mir nicht kaputt.
A glistening honeysuckle...
Der honeysuckle (Geissblatt?) glitzert...
In the next three pictures you can see how low the branches on the pine trees are. Normally we are not able to touch any of them. Right now, even Nadia is able to reach them.
Auf den naechsten drei Bildern sieht man wie weit die Aeste nach unten gebogen sind. Normalerweise koennen wir sie nicht beruehren, jetzt kommt sogar Nadia hin!

The holly's are all covered in ice as well. Looks pretty, but I'm concerned what it will do to them...
Die Ilex sind auch ganz in Eis. Sieht vielleicht schoen aus, ich mache mir aber trotzdem Sorgen wieviel Schaden ihnen das ausrichtet.


  1. Schön sind deine Bilder geworden. Eisregen ist eine ganz dumme Sache. Da ist es immer am besten, wenn man zu Hause bleibt. Bei uns hat es den ganzen Nachmittag und den ganzen Abend geschneit, deswegen haben wir auf unsere Fahrt ins schwedische Möbelhaus verzichtet.
    Lieben Gruß, Petra

  2. Ice is worse than snow for trying to drive. I LOVE ice days 'cause I get to STAY HOME!!!!

    Throw a log on the fire, pull out a good book or jig saw puzzle and ENJOY!!!

  3. Yikes, it is nothing like that down here (McCalla). Just lots of very cold rain!

  4. Oh wow Anke it started early for you! We are getting some sleet right now, but the temps are suppose to drop more so who knows what will happen. Glad it is the weekend though so not too many people will be out on the road or stuck out there! Where my grandmother lives in N.C. just an 1 1/2 from here they are getting 6-10" snow tonight with more tomorrow!!
    I just got a phone call from my aunt up there and her car could not make it up the mtn! So much snow and ice! My uncle had to go and get her. If that system sinks south a bit we will all be in for a rough time!
    Hope your power lasts with this ice and that you guys stay warm!
    Take Care!

  5. It sounds like you are getting our kind of far both the ice and snow have missed us. We just have the cold temperatures to deal with. I believe everything is to remain south of us. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

  6. It's now 7:30 am and it seems as if all the ice has melted over night. The temps didn't drop (yeah) and we never lost power, either. All the trees and bushes are fine, no broken branches. It looks like I'll be able to go to the grocery store later as planned, and the girls will be able to go to Taekwondo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

  7. is has its own special beauty. even though it can make life tougher for every living thing. maybe there is a lesson there:) thank you for sharing your pictures anke:) does anyone remember the scene in dr. shivago when they went to the ice palace?
    and anke, i so am very sorry! i completely forgot to mail off your package:( i have no excuse at all! senility? lol! going to p.o. this morning. big herbal and honey hugs to you

  8. Anke, thanks for visiting River Rock Cottage! I love to hear from new bloggers. Hope you enjoyed your time there and will visit often.

    Love you're house!

  9. Hallo Anke, danke für die wunderschönen Fotos...
    bei uns treibt das Geißblatt bei Eis und Schnee auch schon ihre Triebspitzen aus, kann's gar nicht abwarten...hoffentlich wird es nicht kälter, dann ist die ganze Pracht dahin...

    Liebe SonntagsGrüße schickt Dir Traudi

  10. Hello, Anke! Guess what we had for dinner this evening? Your wonderful leek-noodle casserole! We both loved it! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Hope that the weather didn't get worse for you this weekend.

  11. Dianna, I'm glad you liked it. It was cold here today, but all the ice has melted.