Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Last night when we went to bed we were under a winter advisory. Didn't really think or worry about it to much since the weather forecast is often wrong. This morning I woke up to snow!!! Now for everybody else one inch of snow is a big fat joke, but people here in Alabama DON'T DO SNOW. Roads will be closed, stores will be packed (can't run out of milk and bread) and people will drive like crazy. We have some errands to run later, and I'm sure the snow will be long gone by then.
These pictures were taken at 6:30 this morning. Harley and Savvy are my alarm clock on weekends, and that is just their time.
Als wir gestern nacht ins Bett sind waren wir unter einer "Winter Warnung". Ich habe mir deshalb eigentlich keine Gedanken gemacht, da die Wetterfroesche oft total daneben liegen. Heute frueh als ich aufgestanden bin war ich dementsprechend geschockt alles weiss vorzufinden. Es hat tatsaechlich geschneit! Ok, fuer alle in Dtld. ist dieses bisschen Schnee laecherlich, die Leute hier in Alabama koennen mit Schnee aber nichts anfangen. Strassen werden gesperrt, die Laeden sind voll (man braucht im Notfall hier immer Milch und Brot) und die Leute koennen im Schnee auch nicht Auto fahren. Wir wollen spaeter ein paar Sachen erledigen, aber bis dahin ist der Schnee bestimmt weggetaut.
Die Bilder habe ich heute frueh um 6:30 Uhr gemacht. Harley und Savvy sind am Wochenende meine Wecker und das ist einfach ihre Zeit.


  1. That last picture of the bird bath is SO pretty. I'm jealous of your one inch of snow. Here in Indiana it takes quite a bit of snow to shut down schools. I remember on my 5th birthday there was a blizzard of massive proportions....I can't remember how much....about 3 feet of snow give or take an inch. It was a winter wonderland! I always love it when it snows on my birthday in January. I always feel like it's God's gift to me.

    Enjoy your snow!

  2. Schöne Bilder, liebe Anke. Schade, dass die Pracht nicht so lange, wobei, wenn bei euch dann alles still gelegt ist, ist das auch nicht so nett.
    Lieben Gruß, Petra

  3. seems so weird that you have snow and we don't here in central illinois! we have had a few flurries but that is it so far. i remember when i lived in the south and we had the occasional freak snow and how terrible it was to be out driving as no one was used to it! be safe when you venture forth today anke! thank you for sharing the pictures. they looked magical! hugs to you and yours:)

  4. beautiful snow to get you in the christmas spirit .. very pretty tree. oklahoma has no snow yet but when we get it I will let you know ..

  5. Thank you guys for your sweet comments. It was a beautiful morning and the girls had a blast out in the snow. In Pj's, jackets, mittens, hats and boots... They were quite the sight...
    Lois, was that you?