Success is not final, failure is not fatal - it is the courage to continue that counts.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Greg planted these elephant ears next to the pond. They have already grown a lot and we hope they will double in size next year. Should provide some shade for the fish..
Greg hat das "Elefanten Ohr" (wie heisst die Pflanze in deutsch?) neben den Teich gepflanzt. Wir hoffen das sie bis naechstes Jahr doppelt so gross ist und den Fischen etwas Schatten spendet.
An avocado plant I grew from an avocado pit. Was supposed to grew very fast - but didn't . To get to this size took at least 6 month.
Eine Avocado Pflanze die ich von einem Kern gross gezogen habe. Sollte sehr schnell gehen, aber dem war nicht so. Um so gross zu werden hat die Pflanze 6 Monate gebraucht...
Loofah's growing on the old bunny enclosure. My first year experimenting with loofah, so far so good.
Dieses Jahr habe ich zum ersten Mal Loofah ausprobiert. Die Pflanzen ranken am alten Hasenstall hoch.
Greg grew the morning glory on the fence for the first time this year. Love the colors...
Morning glory (weiss wieder nicht wie die in deutsch heissen) die am Zaun hochwachsen.
My mother's day hibiscus. I get to pick a plant for mother's day every year ( I'd rather do that than get cut flowers) and this was this years winner.
Jedes Jahr darf ich mir zum Muttertag eine Pflanze aussuchen (ist mir lieber als ein Strauss) und dieses Jahr habe ich mir einen Hibiscus ausgesucht.
Devils trumpet grown from seed. Yes I know it is poisonous, but don't you just love the bloom and great color.
Die Teufelstrompete habe ich von Samen gezogen. Ich weiss sie ist giftig, aber ist sie nicht wunderschoen.


  1. beautiful pictures anke! your gardens are gorgeous! in my part of the country, central illinois, the morning glories are all over naturally! it is hard to keep them from taking over just everywhere!lol yours age so pretty and look like our native ones. the elephant ears are great. if you would like, sometime i could post about making concrete stepping stones, with using plants like your elephant ears as a pattern. but, you might already know how, so let me know please. you are lucky to have warmer weather than ours, during the winter months. our winters can be rather brutal, so avocados aren't a possibility for me:( cool about your loofah plant! and i love your mothers day choice! gorgeous color! do you like hibiscus tea? big herbal hugs to you and have a wonderful day in your little piece of heaven!:)

  2. I would love it if you would post about the concrete stepping stones. Some of our (future) plans are stepping stones from the patio to the side gate. Would be great if I could add a few home made ones... We had morning glory in different spots over the past 3 years, but none that pretty. They do come back (kind of invasive little suckers), but along the fence it is fine with us. I have never had hibiscus tea. Would you mind sharing the recipe?
    The avocado (along with a few other plants) will be moved indoors when it gets cooler. Some will be in the garage and some in the house, we'll see.